For the instrumental teaching community

An operational toolkit for student and teacher

An initial insight into educational theory

Introducing the term “HIPME”

Seeks to ignite the creativity of the student and teacher, enhancing the experiences of undergraduates and tomorrow’s performers and educators.

Compositions for instrumental tuition and performance

Options for Drum Kit, Bass Guitar (Guitar options available)

Downloadable backing tracks, scores and performance notes

Bonus tracks & Behind the scenes footage

CONCEPT: Challenging the undergraduate

There are Higher Instrumental Popular Music Education (HIPME) teachers and instrumental teachers more widely, who have excellent knowledge of educational theory and, alongside conventional repertoire, apply a range of pedagogical theories. There are also examples of teachers who use a range of learning methods, without being conscious of what approach is being employed. There are also examples of those who do neither.

The material in this book sets out to narrow the gap between theory and practice and the gap between those who discuss educational theory and the dynamic performers who deliver instrumental tuition. It is offered to benefit the experience of instrumental studies, as a resource for students and teachers and to those wishing to explore new approaches and the variety of ways in which we learn.

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With an insight provided by an interrogation of the HIPME community, combined with personal experiences as a professional performer and educator, this book presents compositions for drum kit and bass guitar tuition and performance, with options available for guitar. Their difference is that each composition includes specific instructions on how the repertoire is to be experienced, exposing teachers and students to a broader range of approaches beyond one-to-one or master apprentice learning.



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About Paul

From graduating with Honours (Leeds College of Music) to a successful career as a professional musician and, focusing on Higher Education (HE), an educator, Paul continues to enjoy his musical journey. Whether it’s sessions, tours, TV, radio, live, studio, lecture halls, seminars or workshops, his career has spanned styles, genres, settings, research projects and academic posts.
Alongside his performance and academic commitments, Paul’s areas of research; popular music, instrumental tuition and approaches to learning, has led to a keener focus being drawn to instrumental studies within HE and the introduction of the term HIPME – Higher Instrumental Popular Music Education. Paul is also the co-inventor of The Pegmate –  a revolutionary  tuning aid for orchestral strings

When not ‘music-ing!’, Paul can be found watching his favoured sport of Rugby League, while trying to break the bad news to his cat that she will never catch that bird!


It is hoped that this book goes some way towards bridging the gap between the academics, who discuss the relevance of educational theory, and the practitioners charged with inspiring the magic that happens on stages, in bedrooms, rehearsal rooms and studios.